With Randy Owen and the Barn Dance Band. 
 Sunday, May 7th - Showtime 2 pm $60/PERSON 

 Jim Swan 
Known as the smoothest M.C. in show business. Jim has extensive experience as a radio broadcaster and will guide the fans of this Barn Dance Show through the historically famous countdown to showtime. 

 Michael Warren 
 A traditional classic country singer who has a great fan base. He sings many of the favorite cover tunes loved by the country music fans. Purple Hill is looking forward to seeing Michael on the Barn Dance Show. 

 Tara and Tom Dunphy 
Their band, The Rizdales, has been very popular throughout London & southwestern Ontario for many years. Tara and Tom are a great team of accomplished musicians and singers.

Paul Weber
Enjoyed much success over the years recording and singing country music. Appeared in Larry Delaney's Country Music News many times and is blessed with a truly special country voice. Purple Hill fans can never get enough of Paul Weber!